About Us

"InterTransTechno" is a company who has invested time and capital to search and develop new and innovative technologies from 1995 with the help of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Russian Academy of Sciences. Our focus to date has been on finding innovative and disruptive technologies that significantly improve existing processes while providing substantial reduction on environmental impact. "TGC-EHR" & "GSM Advance" are our Patented technologies and owned by our company. 

Head office and R&D department of "InterTransTechno" is located in Ukraine. The reason of having R&D department in Ukraine is because of our local technical experts and scientists and low establishment cost.

We have a registered Commercial Office in UAE. The "InterTransTechno" FZC is located in Ajman, UAE. Main function of this office is to market the developed technologies by Ukrainian R&D department and provide services to international clients. Because of stable political and economical situation in UAE along with friendly and profesional approach in providing services to there clients we decided to have our marketing and service providing arm in UAE.

Our exploration technology of oil and gas fields and mineral deposits provides unparalleled maps of the subsuface. This provides our clients with pinpoint accuracy of where to find resources along with the most efficient and safe way of doing so.

“GSM Advance” is also environmentally friendly since small and efficient single engine aircraft are used. There is zero impact on the fauna and no disruption to the ecology of the area.

TGC-EHR Technology: Productive capacity of oil, gas and gas condensate wells depends mainly on deposits hydrocarbon reserves and quality condition of the bottomhole formation zone (BFZ), its permeability, which drops when payout beds are penetrated, developed and operated. Several recently commissioned deposits have a natural low reservoirs permeability, which drops even more when wells are developed. Roughly, 60% oil and 40 % of gas and gas condensate is generally considered unrecoverable, and they remain bound with the bedrock.

The developed technology is designed to solve the problem of complete hydrocarbons extraction as well as to increase oil, gas and gas condensate wells productive capacity through active (multistage) impulse thermal-gas-chemical action on the productive bed perforation zone using compositions that contain components of torpedo and rocket propellants together with different combustion and oxidizing mixtures.