GSM-Advance - Technology Overview


GSM-Advance provides a new generation of detailed geophysical survey. Our survey technology enables exploration companies to:

  • Reduce Exploration Costs and Risk
  • Explore land deemed inaccessible
  • Significantly shorten time lines
  • Have zero impact on environment
  • Survey Onshore and Offshore

GSM-Advance is the technology you need to get the most accurate, quick, and comprehensive detailed survey results to get unparalled reduction in exploration risk that technology can provide today.


How it works

We have found that temporal peculiarities of the Earth induced electromagnetic field, occurring in the environment after short-term exposure by a transmitter’s direct current square wave (rectangular impulse), can provide a detailed view of the underlying strata. Intertranstechno has developed the technology to capture information that radiates from the earth from the natural seismic processes that occur due to the tectonic activities. This information along with log hole data is used in the detailed analysis in order to create a comprehensive and detailed map of the Earth's subsurface.

GSM Advance is the combination of proprietary survey equipment and data analysis techniques to provide a detailed map of the earths subsurface. The survey equipment is ultra portable and does not require any changes to aircraft and can function in a wide range of conditions.