GSM-Advance Survey Capabilities

  • exploration activities on land and offshore
    Topography is of no concern to GSM-Advance.   Survey of mountainous, forrest, swamp, lake, or prairie regions will be provide data with equal ease and not affect difficulty of analysis.
  • recognizing and delineating hydrocarbon traps
    Not only will hydrocarbon traps be found in the horizontal plane but also in the verticle (when they are stacked on top of each other)
  • tracking stratigraphic lines of various ranks
  • finding and delineating compression and extension zones
  • finding and locating major faults and fractures
  • estimating paleo-basin depths
  • finding and providing 3D-delineation of various geological objects such as: volcanoes, rift bodies, clinoforms
  • integration with other geophysical methods
  • Onshore Survey possible by Aircraft, Vehicle, and Foot
  • Offshore Survey possible by Aircraft or Boat

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