EGI Energy

"EGI Energy" having registered office in UAE to supply crude oil, Natural Gas, LNG and LPG to our clients in India, China, South Korea and Japan.

"EGI Energy" UAE is a subsidiary of Ghana National Petroleum with the following shareholders:
  1. Ghana National Petroleum Corporation - 51%;

  2. ITT, UAE - 49%, operational participants;

Board Members of "EGI Energy" UAE:

Chairman: Mr. Freddie Blay
Managing Director: Mr. Khan Madad
Board Member: Mr. Kwaw Blay
Board Member: Mr. Kiperman Yurii
Board Member: Mr. Wasik Rafal Marcin
Board Member: Mrs. Khan Ilona
Board Member: Mr. Romanos Aziz Raad
Board Member: Mrs. Matilda Ohene

Board Secretary: Mrs. Viktoria Osipenko