Oil and Gas Survey

As consumption of oil and gas increases every year, finding new deposits becomes ever more critical.  Fortunately Intertranstechno has developed GSM-Advanced, a technology that is unparalled in its efficiency or capability in mapping new hydrocarbon deposits.  Not only is there no other technology that offers this level of detail in 3 dimentions or the speed in providing results, GSM-Advance can survey regions previously not possible with traditional survey technologies.   Due to zero impact to surface ecology, companies and governments are free to map impossible to reach terrain and areas with environmental protection.

GSM-Advance gives oil and gas explorations companies the highest returns for their investment.  Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • exploration activities on land and offshore
  • Clear indication of oil water interface
  • finding Compression and extension zones
  • Borders of geological structures, including hydrocarbon accumulation borders, salt domes cialis generico in farmacia
  • Determining Hydrocarbon deposit pressures
Historical Uses include:
  • Enhancing and correcting seismic results.
  • Optimization of production wells.
  • Environmental impact assessment - Recording and mapping leakage from oil and lubricant storage facilities
  • Waste Management – Enumerating geological structures to dump and dispose  of  hazardous materials

Exploration companies looking to dramitically increase their drilling success rate, lower exploration cost and decrease turnaround time from survey to drill will find GSM-Advance critical to their business.